Haldin is now a certified fairtrade manufacturer

January 2, 2023

One of haldin’s objectives is to bring goodness with natural products to provide better and more valuable products to consumers while giving back to farmers who depend on their life on natural products.

One step at a time, we contribute to the industry and help farmers to earn more. Our team continuously transfers the knowledge that is needed to increase their production and equip them with the proper tools and standards. It is always a challenge for us to reach a place that no one ever touches. But we are glad we did it, and finally, we announce that haldin is a certified fairtrade manufacturer.

Each time you choose haldin as your natural building blocks provider, you give safer working conditions and promote fairer pay to farmers while getting high quality, ethically produced products. Moreover, you win the consumer’s hearts because they prefer products that offer stories and contributions to other people. Based on Mintel trend drivers, seven fundamental themes influence consumer choice; well-being, experiences, rights, technology, identity, value, and surroundings. Ethics sits at the intersection of the right and the surrounding.

Unfortunately, consumers are less trusting in brand claims when they do something right. So, brands need to prove to consumers that ethics are the core part of their products and earn their trust along the way. How do you do it? By using fairtrade natural products.