October 13, 2021

With 15 years working in Haldin, Andry is a living example of how you can reach anything in life with hard work and a willingness to learn. Joining Haldin as an IT Supervisor in 2007, Andry’s career escalated to becoming a Business Development Assistant in 2008. His career journey continued to rise over time, in 2014 he became Commercial General Manager, and in 2015 he officially became Commercial Director of Haldin.

“Haldin is a visionary, aggressive, relevant, and optimistic company that always strives to be a leader in the industry,” said Andry when asked why he was interested to join Haldin.

His vision for Haldin is to make it grow despite many challenges along the way. He has motivated his team to become solid and tenacious. For Andry, Haldin is like a second family because the working environment is more like a family and brings many positive vibes.

Andry has an important message for every individual. “Start your career in Haldin: stay focus on your work, be consistent, and be persistent. Think outside the box and do your best. If you stumble on a problem, stay focused on the solution rather than the problem, and a bright career shall follow you.”