Honey bar becomes the answer for healthier snacking options

September 30, 2022

Lifestyles have changed in the last five years, especially after the pandemic, which makes the change even more rapid. Most people prefer food that fits their schedules, so it has to be quick and healthy. The line between snacks and meals has faded. People are so busy now that it lowers access to dine-in restaurants. It has led to more people replacing their meals with snacks. Based on Snack Food Trend 2021, about 70% of people surveyed say they prefer snacks to meals.

The replacing meals with snacks trend are also happening in the US. Over 90% of Americans surveyed confess that they replace at least one meal with a snack weekly. The snack-over-meals trend follows another interesting health-conscious trend. Since they see snacks as a replacement and more time efficient than meals, snacks expect to be more delicious healthy snacks and gain more attention. Therefore the new product development is around the snack bar for daily consumption that offers a tasteful nutrition booster.

Honey becomes the answer to cope with the delicious and nutritious part. The sweet, caramelly, floral, and slightly acidic character activates the taste buds. Also, the nutritional value that honey provides can support meal replacement. As valuable as it seems. Honey has to be processed in the appropriate manner using the right technology. Start from the sourcing finished product. Haldin is the one that can provide honey products with natural taste characteristics and nutritional value.

Our honey product line ranges from powder to liquid. Both are analyzed with the Isotope Analyzer to ensure their purity.

So, if you are developing ideas for healthy honey snack bars, our honey product line is the perfect building block. Our Innovation Team would gladly assist you to shape the ideas into product prototypes.