Honey Defines The Market

August 3, 2022

Natural honey can change many people’s lives, make them healthier, and eventually change the world. But keep in mind, only one product in a sustainable environment, and taking care of the love of a beekeeper has the power to give goodness to nature. Our natural honey products prove to share success with the world through various consumer products such as powder milk and infant formula that caught the eye of the world.

Originating from the land of Java full of wonderful landscapes that create amazing wildlife, our natural honey serves the soft, woody, floral, and caramel taste of national and international products. Bring better options to people who want to have better lives as they wish for a long time. Haldin helps them, giving a new hope to cherish their life even longer by consuming natural-based products.

To give you a glimpse of how our honey products contribute to making a product become a success in the market. Our Honey Powder is used in the infant formula and growing up milk for national and international top beverage companies. Also, a big pharmaceutical company in Indonesia and Bangladesh used our Honey Liquid.

There are still a lot of successful products to be written, and the potential market is to be grabbed. But one thing to be sure, Haldin natural honey will always play a big part. All you have to do is start the journey with us, right now.

Haldin provides various honey products that enhance the value and taste of many industries such as beverage, bakery, and pharmaceutical. Every process is supported by modern technology, making our honey product not only proven pure and pass the strictest regulations, including infant formula products.

There are a lot of options for you to choose from that fit the profile of your product. Honey Powder (10001296) and Honey Powder (10003000) deliver roasted, mealy, and caramel profiles. Honey Powder (10002168) comes with floral notes. And Honey Powder, Organic (10002865) is perfect for those who develop organic-based products. More on Honey