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What you need to create innovative products that are ready
to market is here with HaldinX. To guide you about what
service we provide, start your journey below.


This is Where
the Journey Starts

Natural sources are where Haldin begins. They
are planted, harvested, and processed in our
facility around Indonesia. Our natural sources are
now ready to take your ideas further.


We Cover
Various Industries

Our expertise and manufacturing technology
enable us to cover various industries; beverages,
bakery, dairy, personal care, and seasoning.


Give Us Your Ideas

Nothing excites us more than hearing
your ideas and then reviewing them into
a product blueprint. At the first checkpoint
of the brainstorming phase, HaldinX
provides you with consultation service
because we have the capabilities to bring
your ideas to life.


Formulation of a Time
To Market Product

The formulation is crucial to create a product ready for
market. It is necessary to score a success the first
time it is released. HaldinX assigns teams of
Research and Development, and Application experts
to help you with the formulation phase until the
prototyping phase. All of the formulation processes
happen in our innovation center.

Your Innovative Products are Now Ready, Here’s What You Have To Do Next

Congratulations, now you have your innovative product. However, your journey with HaldinX doesn’t end there.
HaldinX will finalize your products before entering the market. It includes manufacturing, packaging design, product
quality control, and legal licensing. After that, your product is ready to market.

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