From Indonesian farmlands to over 65 countries

These are the natural building blocks that deliver exceptional top notes, mouthfeel, taste, sense, and health functions to hundreds of brands around the world.

From the highlands of Java

Authentic taste direct from origin
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Unique coffee with character

The right level of maturity creates full body and roasted taste
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A cocoa with complex flavor

Unique fermented cocoa beans are the raw material for our product
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Vanilla is our first love

Fully cured vanilla origin from Alor, East Nusa Tenggara
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Fruit and vegetables improves quality of life

Use the real natural ones
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Science of nature

Naturals for cosmetic and care products
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Stay healthy

Traditional and novel products
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Honey is better and healthier

In compliance with strictest regulations, approved for infant formula
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Coconut goes global

Sourced from Indonesia, one of the world's largest producers
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We spice up the world

Asian spice blends are our specialty
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Traceable and sustainable essential oil

Assureds continuity and consistency
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Capturing the whole top note

Utilizing our unique extraction/distillation technique
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Capturing the whole top note

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